TakePart’s Big Issues explore the world’s most pressing challenges—the environment, social justice, human rights, global health and development, food, and education. We travel the globe to bring you these stories through long-form journalism, documentary video, digital interactives, and stunning photography. We show you how these topics touch your life, your family, and your community, along with millions of others around the world.

Farmers around the world find solutions to the food scarcity problem of tomorrow, today.:

The Issues

Volume 13—Farm of the Future

The world’s population will hit an estimated 9 billion by 2050. As farmers face increased pressure to produce more food, the effects of climate change on agriculture will only get worse. TakePart reported from farms around the world to find out how people are solving the problems of tomorrow, today.

Volume 12—Hidden Connections


The story of two young lives altered by the unseen link between climate change and child marriage.

Volume 11—Violence and Redemption: Can Rehabilitating Felons Make Us Safer?


TakePart examines the mass incarceration issue in American prisons, with a specific focus on violent offenders and the efforts to rehabilitate them. By considering the nature of their crimes and the efforts to help them re-enter society, we ask the question: Can rehabilitating felons make us safer?

Volume 10—16 in '16


Sixteen girls from six continents tell TakePart about the most surprising—and empowering— aspects of being 16 in 2016.

Volume 9—Captive: The Movement to Free Marine Mammals

SeaWorld has ended the breeding of the animals, but that was just the beginning. TakePart’s journalists travel from the Pacific Northwest to Asia to report on plans to return captive killer whales to the sea—and stop a new wave of captivity.

Volume 8—Design and Innovation: Working to Solve the World’s Most Pressing Issues

TakePart highlights innovative ideas that target global challenges such as food waste, economic empowerment, the refugee crisis, and more. All are aimed at making an impact and spurring change for the next generation.

Volume 7—Fight for the Forests

Around the world, millions of acres of forest are falling to the ax and torch every year. TakePart journeys deep into the woods to report on the fight for the trees and the people and wildlife that depend on healthy forests. 

Volume 6—Shrink Your Waste

These small changes can have a big impact on your health, the environment, and your wallet. “Shrink Your Waste” shows you easy ways to be a more conscious consumer and improve the world.

Volume 5—Year in Preview: How 2015 Changed the Future

In 2015, global leaders got serious on climate change, refugees fled their homes searching for safety, and protests against police violence filled American streets. But it's what happens next that will define the future.

Volume 4—Climate Change(d)

Global warming has become all too real for hundreds of millions of people, and they’re not waiting for their leaders to take action. Here are stories from all over the world showing how climate change is affecting us all—right now.

Volume 3—Project Katrina: A Decade of Resilience in New Orleans

The people of New Orleans have spent 10 years rebuilding their city, their population, and their cultures. These are their stories.

Volume 2—Follow Your Food: The Strange Journeys of the Things We Eat

Modern supermarkets are a marvel of globalization: You can buy foods that have traveled to numerous countries before being sold. With Follow Your Food, we look at the strange journeys of the things we eat.

Volume 1—Blue Planet: The Fight to Save the World’s Oceans

A grassroots movement is emerging as scientists form alliances with activists, policy makers, and ordinary citizens to tackle some of the biggest threats to our oceans: acidification, pollution and ghost nets. TakePart’s reporters hit the water to tell these stories.